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Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving in Branson Vacation Property Rentals

Do you want a different Thanksgiving celebration this year? Instead of the usual family get-together and overindulgent mealtime at home, why not go on a weeklong trip to the Ozark Mountains with your family? You and all the hard-working family members could use a break, and there’s no better time than Thanksgiving to do so. But before booking Branson vacation property rentals, let’s talk about your travel plans first. Where do you want to go, and what do you want to do? This way, you can pick an excellent spot for lodging and make the most of your family trip.

Indulge in a night of entertainment near your Branson vacation property rentals

Branson is known for its live shows and plays. Whether you want to see world-class music and dance performances or marvel at dashing horses and trick riders, you can see one in Branson. Add Dolly Parton’s Stampede, Legends in Concert, and Amazing Pets to your to-watch shows–they are all family-friendly so your kids can tag along. Some of the shows also come with feasts so you don’t have to eat elsewhere before going to the theater. You can enjoy delicious food and drinks while enjoying the performance. Make sure to finish the show before returning to your Branson cabin rentals.

Eat out at local restaurants surrounding your vacation rentals in Branson, MO

Food should be one of the highlights of your Thanksgiving trip. And when you’re in Branson, you’ll never be disappointed when it comes to food. The city has plenty of diners and cafes, each offering something local, unique, and tasty. Unfortunately, you can’t possibly try them all, so just pick out the ones you want to eat at the most. Steakhouses and Italian restaurants are the most popular, but you can also explore lighter and more local choices, such as Landry’s Seafood House. Support businesses that use local produce, not only because it helps the community but also because you can be sure all the ingredients are freshly harvested minutes away from their kitchens and your vacation rentals in Branson, MO.

Go light hunting around town in style with Branson Limousine Christmas Light Tours

Christmas starts early in Branson. There are many places with dazzling light shows and displays. A special Christmas light tour may be something you’ll enjoy with the whole family. You’ll be picked up from your cabin in a limousine and escorted around town by a professional chauffeur. It’s a two-hour ride that stops at the brightest places in the city, including Christmas Coalition area trees, Downtown Hollister, and the Big Cedar Lodge “Winter Wonderland.”

Traditional feast in your Branson cabin rentals

Of course, Thanksgiving won’t be complete without a feast with your family. This time, it won’t be in a restaurant or entertainment house but in your own cabin where your family can celebrate privately. The good thing about vacation rentals is they have a big kitchen with all the appliances you need to cook with. And since it’s the harvest season, you can get some of the freshest produce to include in your cooking. Many of the restaurants also provide pre-order full-course meals that you can just heat up instead.

The secret to a worthwhile family trip is comfortable and safe accommodation. While you can find dozens of fantastic lodging options in Branson, some might not fit your needs. It is always best to ask for the help of someone who knows Branson like the back of his hand. Stay calm and relaxed even before your vacation begins. Call Branson Regal at 1.417.203.0402 or visit to find the best lakefront Branson cabin rentals, luxury condos, and private homes!

What Is The Best View In Philadelphia

In the heart of Pennsylvania’s cultural capital, 57 stories high in the 945-foot skyscraper known as the One Liberty Place building is the One Liberty Observation Deck. At an admission cost of $10 for Youth (3-11) & $15 for Adults (12+). Visitors get to experience Philadelphia from an angle and view they’ve likely never seen before.

Sunrise or City Lights

The observation deck is a large room of windows from wall to wall to ceiling. The location provides a breath-taking 360-degree view of the Philadelphia skyline, the Schuylkill River, and beyond. Guests can experience the view in the morning or at night for very different perspectives. Visitors can explore the city from the height further by using “Go Find Your Philly Interactive Boards” to see closeup views of the Philadelphia architecture and learn about its history. The recommended stay of a visit is between 60-75 minutes.

Art and History Beyond the View

There is a noticeable artistic element to the deck that reflects Philly’s art scene–and this is aside from the observation decks stunning architecture or the view from the windows. One Liberty also pays homage to the historically rich background of Philadelphia by offering history tours on deck. History appreciation prevails on the deck with a giant bust sculpture of none other than Philadelphia-native Ben Franklin himself.

The One Liberty Observation deck is more than simply the best view in Philadelphia, it has cultural meanings too. Without moving far at all, you can have a city-wide tour and genuine Philadelphia experience from the 57th floor.