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Choose Key Colony Beach When Your Vacation Has to Include the Ocean

You always choose an ocean getaway when it’s time to plan your vacation. You have one other requirement. You won’t stay anywhere that isn’t warm. You might have to deal with the cold at home. That’s not happening when you are going on vacation. Vacation homes in Key Colony Beach can give you everything you are looking for in an escape. Enjoy sunny days, warm weather, gentle breezed, white sand, and the song of the waves as they roll into shore.

Get What You Want Out of Your Vacation

Vacation homes in Key Colony Beach have more to offer than a hotel. You have the option to stay in when you want to relax at the end of the day. Your fully-equipped kitchen is ready for you to whip up your favorites. You don’t need to pack any linens or towels. They are waiting for you. Space isn’t an issue. You can rent a place with up to four bedrooms and more amenities to make your stay flexible. At the same time, you can downsize with a rental that has one bedroom. It’s all about accommodating you and any guests who are joining you on your trip.

Find Out Why People Love Key Colony Beach

The best way to experience the wonders of Key Colony Beach is to check out vacation homes in Key Colony Beach that are available right now. Plan on a long weekend, a whole week, or more. You can book a rental for the length of your stay that will make you as comfortable as you could be at home. Take a look at your options with Vacation Rentals of the Florida Keys at


What to Look for When Renting Properties in the Florida Keys

If you are planning on vacationing in the Florida Keys this year, then you should know that there’s no better way to visit this region than by getting one of the many vacation homes Marathon FL has to offer. These vacation houses come fully outfitted with all of the comforts of home so that you will feel completely comfortable throughout your vacation. But what really does make a vacation home a great vacation home?

There are many potential amenities a vacation home can come with today, but one of the most important factors that should be taken into consideration is the years of experience the renting party possesses. When you rent a property from someone who only owns a single home, you may not receive the professional level of service you are used to getting from a hotel. By only working with an experienced rental company, you can be certain that the quality of service provided will be outstanding.

Furthermore, the location of your rental property will be of the utmost importance since it will determine everything from the quality of your view to the amount of time you must spend getting to local destinations. Many rental properties are situated right there on the waterfront so that you can enjoy trips to the beach and boating, but others are close to downtown so that you will have instant access to all of the local bars and restaurants in the area. Of course, these rentals come with all of the amenities you would expect to find at home too. Pools, full-size kitchens, and big-screen TVs are now the norm when renting the vacation homes Marathon FL provides. To get yours, go to Vacation Rentals of the Florida Keys at


Details To Find Out About When Renting A Home For Vacation In The Florida Keys

It’s time to start planning your family vacation. You could stay in a hotel where there are a few conveniences including a pool or free breakfast. Another option would be to look into one of the Key Colony Beach vacation rentals available. These are often homes that owners rent to tourists who want more space when they are on vacation so that they can enjoy time with their family. After finding the rental that you like, there are a few ways that you can ensure that your family is as comfortable as possible during your stay.

Give Yourself Time

Don’t wait until the last minute to book a vacation rental. If you plan to visit a busy tourist city, then you might find that many homes get booked months in advance. When you’ve decided to find Key Colony Beach vacation rentals instead of staying in a hotel, you want to contact owners of the homes available about six months before you plan to travel to ensure that the desired dates are available.

Get The Specifics

After finding a home to rent for your vacation, you need to talk to the owner about as many details as possible so that you’re prepared for when you arrive at the home. Ask about the amenities that are offered, such as linens and toiletries. You also need to find out if pets are allowed or if there is an area for smoking if any of these details apply to your family.


Ask if there are any discounts available if you plan to vacation in the area when there are fewer tourists. Many vacation rental owners want to try to keep someone in the homes that they have available throughout the year and will often offer a deal if you’re traveling at a time when they might not be able to keep their homes rented.

Contact Vacation Rentals of the Florida Keys at for more tips about finding just the right home to rent when you’re traveling.


Don’t Forget These Things Before Heading Out for Your Vacation

Planning a vacation is hard work, but you probably took care of some of the essentials, such as looking for private vacation rentals in Marathon, FL. However, you might have missed some other details. Be sure to double check the following to make sure you are ready to go.

The House Sitter

You are going to be leaving for some time, and that means your home is going to look vacant. This could put your home in danger of being burglarized.

Consider having a professional house sitter stay there. You could also rent out your home and earn a little money while vacationing if you are comfortable with that.

The Medications

With all the excitement of leaving your troubles behind and seeing the place you chose from all the private vacation rentals in Marathon, FL, you might forget your or a family member’s medication.

This task is often overlooked, so be sure to have all prescriptions filled, or talk to your pharmacist to find a trusted location where you can have your medication filled during your vacation.

The Banks

It is important that you call your banks and credit card companies to make sure they know where you are going. Banks and credit card companies like to know this kind of activity to keep you safe.

If your card is used in a place you do not normally use it, banks or credit card companies may think your card has been compromised. This means they might end up rejecting transactions. It is easy to just give them a call and let them know where you will be going.

You should create a checklist to make sure you have not forgotten anything else. You do not want your vacation blemished because you forgot something, so take your time as you plan this out.